Best 10 ePay Bookmakers for 2024

ePay is an online payment service that is particularly popular in the online gaming landscape. It allows players to load funds into their casino accounts and, in some cases, make withdrawals. Punters need to connect their ePay accounts with their debit or credit cards to make any deposits.

They can also connect their ePay accounts directly to their bank accounts. One of the reasons behind ePay’s popularity among sports bettors is that payments are processed fast without any risk of a security breach. Punters also enjoy no charges for any deposit made, with the deposit limits being relatively high.

Best 10 ePay Bookmakers for 2024
How to make a deposit with ePayHow to make a withdrawal with ePaySafety and security at ePayePay customer support options
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How to make a deposit with ePay

How to make a deposit with ePay

Punters need to have ePay accounts to use the service for depositing money into their sportsbook account. Opening an ePay account takes only a few easy steps. The first step is to complete the simple registration form found on ePay’s official website. Punters then have to go through the ePay service wallet-activation procedure. The third step should be linking the ePay accounts with credit cards or directly to a bank and transferring funds to the ePay account.

With the ePay account fully set up and loaded, punters can log into their preferred online sportsbook, provided it accepts ePay payments. From there, the player has to navigate through the payments page and choose ePay as their preferred payment option. Upon completing this step, the player has to input their ePay account details and click on ‘proceed to payment.’

The site will redirect them to the ePay checkout page, where the punters need to include the amount to deposit and confirm the transaction. If everything is correct, the deposit will be processed immediately, and the player's account will be credited with the deposited funds.

Deposit limits

ePay does not have any set minimum deposit limits. However, most online sportsbooks usually set their minimum deposit requirements at either $5 or $10. However, there is a limit to the maximum deposit amount per transaction, set at $1500. The maximum deposit amount usually depends on the sportsbook's deposit terms.

Depositing using mobile phones

ePay allows punters to make deposits using their mobile devices. That allows them the convenience of making payments from anywhere and at any time, coming in handy to most travelers. The deposit process using a mobile phone is just as easy as using a computer.

How to make a deposit with ePay
How to make a withdrawal with ePay

How to make a withdrawal with ePay

Withdrawing funds from an online casino using ePay is quite simple. The player must start by logging into their sports betting accounts and going to the withdrawal options section on the banking page.

They can then click on the ePay withdrawal option. That will redirect them to a form where the punters have to fill in their ePay account details and the amount to withdraw. The next step is to confirm that all information provided is correct and approve the withdrawal request.

Withdrawal processing time

Most sportsbooks usually take several days to process withdrawal requests. That means that different sportsbook providers offer different ePay withdrawal times. In most cases, the processing usually takes about three business days. Account levels can also influence the processing time. For example, sportsbooks can process withdrawal requests for bettors with high roller accounts or VIP accounts within a day.

After withdrawal processing, the funds are usually sent to the punters’ ePay e-wallet accounts. The funds are typically available to the punters immediately after the sportsbook disburses them. Punters can opt to make payments from the e-wallet account or transfer the funds to their linked bank accounts.

Withdrawal limits

Sportsbooks usually set withdrawal limits in most cases. This means that it is common to find sportsbooks offering different withdrawal limits. Most sportsbooks allow minimum withdrawal limits of $10, but that can be higher for high-level accounts or high roller sportsbooks. The same concept applies to the payment method.

Fundamentally, ePay has three user levels, with set limits for maximum daily transactions. The third level ePay account has no maximum limit to the amount punters can transact in a day. Players can also withdraw funds using their mobile devices if the online sportsbook is compatible with mobile platforms.

How to make a withdrawal with ePay
Safety and security at ePay

Safety and security at ePay

ePay is one of the safest and secure e-wallets available. It has a wide variety of security features designed to safeguard against unauthorized access to funds and information. The terms and conditions of the service also highlight how secure the system is by offering safety and security guarantees. For example, ePay does not share user information with any third party. Below are some standout ePay’s security features.


Epay employs industry-leading encryption protocols that ensure all payment data are protected right from the point of creation. The encryption system helps to ensure the safe transmission of all customer data files.


Epay has several authentication features that help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the accounts. For example, users can activate the two-factor authentication features that help increase account security.

Things to lookout for

Despite all the security features, users still have to take precautions to avoid fraud or scams. For example, users should avoid using unsecured internet connections such as public Wi-Fi when making transactions. Users should also watch out for any suspicious or unusual activities in their ePay accounts and take the relevant actions.

Safety and security at ePay
ePay customer support options

ePay customer support options

ePay is known to offer amazing customer support services. They have numerous options for contacting customer representatives. The response time in most of the options is also quite impressive. Below are the main channels through which users can access customer support services.


The fastest and easiest way of getting help is by speaking to a customer representative directly via the telephone. The telephone number currently listed on the ePay website is 877-800-3729.


Punters can also contact customer service via email. That usually comes in handy when handling issues that require detailed explanations. In most cases, responses are typically sent within 24 hours. The customer service email address is

Social media

ePay customer service is also offered through social media. Punters can present their queries by direct messaging ePay via social media platforms or commenting on relevant posts. However, responses on social media can take a lot longer than the other options.

Online forums

This online deposit method an online forum where punters can find the assistance they need with ePay-related issues. However, most of the solutions offered are usually from other ePay users and not the customer support representatives.

ePay customer support options
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