White Christmas in Betting



White Christmas betting is one of the most brilliant ideas that add flavour to the end of year holiday. It is a simple bet on whether there will be snow on Christmas Day. Some of the best online bookmakers offer this bet as a way of gifting their loyal players on this end-year holiday. But how does it work?

White Christmas in Betting

The bet

Betting enthusiasts bet on whether a single flake of snow will fall at any time within the 24 hours of 25th December. If the Met department reports that snow did actually fall in any part of the bet area, their bets win and are paid out.

White betting is done online nowadays. Online betting sites determine a certain geographical area and offer bets on it. People outside this area can place white Christmas bets. However, the success of the bet is determined by the time in the mapped area and not the time zone of the bettor.

White Christmas betting is usually done just for the fun of it.

White Christmas betting odds

Bettors and Christmas betting sites are looking to get the better of each other. While most bets do not win, it is super exciting to get that rare win on a special day of the year. Both bettors and online bookmaker sites rely on meteorologists to know what cards to play. As the Met reports change, so do Christmas betting odds.

Today, there are many resources that bettors can use to track weather patterns in addition to following the weatherman. There are live weather updates on most web browsers and many online forums where experts offer weather trend insights.

Different parts of the world experience different weather conditions during Christmas. Generally warm areas are always high-risk areas to place a white Christmas bet on. But imagine what reward a small bet in such an area could win! Betting at Christmas odds in such an area can greatly increase the thrill of the day!

Christmas betting sites

As always, it is wise to play at the best online bookmakers. Online betting should be safe; not a place where a player gets their details stolen or becomes frustrated by rude customer support. Always play at an online bookmaker that has good reviews. 

Players also need to look at other offers that the Christmas betting site has to offer. As this is a way of gifting, leading bookmakers sometimes give crazy offers. Players can enjoy welcome bonuses, accelerated bets, deposit bonuses, and referral bonuses. Giveaways are also great to look out for.

That said, it is very important to maintain the fun aspect of betting especially on white Christmas. A bet should not ruin Christmas; stake small. As often happens, the festive season comes with intoxication in many circles. The sense of time seems to disappear. To avoid missing out, it is good to place the bet early. A day or two before festivities begin. Also, early bets are likely to have better odds. Why not stake a whole month earlier?

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