The Ultimate Guide To Betting On College Football



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College football betting is a gambler's paradise from September till the new year. With over 75 games scheduled every Saturday, there are several opportunities for action and enjoyment. This guide is intended for you if you're new to the gambling market and wish to learn the fundamentals before placing your first college football bet.

The Ultimate Guide To Betting On College Football

This guide will explore how odds are established and the various point-spread figures and proposition wagers you may encounter before and during games. In addition, it will provide you with some college betting tips to evaluate before investing a significant amount of money on particular games.

If you want to improve your college football betting, continue reading.

Why Is College Football Betting Popular?

American football betting is enormous. How about college football? Why is it so popular?

It's all about college pride.

For one, there's a significant amount of pride at stake. You can comprehend if you went to a large public university, a smaller private university, or anything else. Even if you did not attend a certain school but are a fan due to relatives or region, you may appreciate college football's sense of belonging. Saturdays can be a good time to watch your favorite team with family, peers, and other diehards of your favorite team.

College football games are no longer limited to Saturdays.

Aside from college football weekends, there are games every week of the season. Most weeknights include a college football game for wagering, whether you're interested in wagering on a MACtion game on a Tuesday or Wednesday or an AAC game throughout the week.

College football betting yields unexpected results.

Perhaps the biggest reason we enjoy watching college football is "the heat." There are few sports that better demonstrate this than college football. Although there is seeming symmetry, pandemonium always finds a way in. You're more likely to see routine blunders, insane finishers, and wacky tricks that the pros wouldn't attempt in the NFL. To put it simply, it's unpredictable.

NFL Versus College Football Betting Strategies

Are you an experienced NFL bettor looking to get into the collegiate market using the finest college football betting techniques?

Let's be clear: NFL and NCAA football are not the same. Yes, they deal with the same sport, and the points accumulate similarly, but the betting is very different.

This also means that the college football betting tips used to bet on football in the NCAA are very different from those used in the NFL. Let's compare NFL and college football betting.

  • The number of teams: Analysis requires numbers. While studying 32 NFL teams is relatively simple, evaluating 128 college football teams becomes a huge undertaking. Additionally, more college teams equal more matches to wager on and more valuable opportunities.
  • Team quality: Despite the quality differential, each NFL team has a chance to win. In college football, the talent difference can ensure a blowout.
  • Betting activity volume: NFL draws more wagering than college football, meaning bookmakers and online gambling services will invest more in NFL.  College football odds are less popular, making them simpler to beat.
  • The types of bet: College football betting online is similar to NFL betting. Spread, money lines, parlays, and teasers are standard bets. You might also attempt exotic bet kinds like the "if bet."

College Football Bet Types

The number of college football bets and games to wager on is astounding. Let's go through some of the common kinds of bets placed on college football games. Understanding college football betting lines and odds is not very easy at first, but understanding college football odds is simple. It takes time and practice, like with any other foreign skill.

Spread Bets

What is the winning margin?

The spread, often known as the point spread, is the number of points by which one team is favored, i.e., the margin of victory as determined by the bookmaker. A big figure called the 'juice' displays next to the spread. Simply put, this is the cost that most bookmakers tack onto your wager.

To win such a wager, a team must cover the spread. For every spread, a "+" represents the underdog, while a "-" signifies the favorite. Here's an illustration.

The spread for Team A v. Team B is 3.5 points, meaning Team A must prevail by at least four points to cover the -3.5 spread. Conversely, Team B must either win or lose by three points or less to cover their +3.5-point spread.

Moneyline Bets

Who will come out on top?

Moneyline college football bets ignore the margin of victory. All that matters is who wins in this form of college football betting.

Team A, for example, is a -160 money line favorite over Team B, a +135 money line underdog.  While it's a more distinctive wager than the spread, money line odds offer the same return. 

If you wagered $100 on the Team A money line and won, you would collect $162.50. On the other hand, a Team B victory would result in a larger reward. A $100 moneyline wager at +135 odds would return $235.

Over / Under or Totals Bets

How many combined points do you think will be scored in the entire game?

The over/under total for Team A vs. Team B had 52 points. With -110 odds, you can wager that the contenders will aggregate more than 52 points or less than 52 points.

A push is feasible with whole numbers, much like a spread bet; if they add precisely 52 points, it's a push, and all over/under wagers of 52 points are returned.

If Team A wins 31-23, the over (54 total points) will hit and return $190.91 on a $100 wager. If Georgia wins 24-23, the under (47 total points) will hit and return $190.91 on a $100 wager.

Parlay Bets

Parlays are the latest trend in college football betting lines. Parlays are a type of wager in which many straight bets are combined into one wager. As a result, your chances increase significantly. However, your chances of winning are drastically diminished compared to winning a single wager.

If every single wager in your parlay hits, you have a winning bet slip. However, if any one of your single entries fails, the whole parlay loses. There are always a ton of matches to choose from for college football betting on any weekend.

In-Game or Live Bets

While parlays are the latest trend, live or in-game wagering is also very popular.

Almost all sportsbooks have updated their internet operations, and odds are regularly updated during a game.

For instance, suppose you're watching a football game, and Team A jumps to a 14-0 lead, but you believe Team B can come back. Sportsbooks will provide live odds on an updated spread, moneyline, and point total to bet on.

Final Thoughts

Betting on college football online does not guarantee you will win instantly. Yet, we have provided you with everything you need to get one element of the formula correct, which is the most crucial.

A little more work on your part is all that's left: conduct the necessary research, then pick the winners. Make a strategy, use our additional online sports betting tactics, and then you'll know exactly who to wager on in college football and obliterate online college football betting sites.

Best gambling quote: “Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money.”

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