March 2, 2022

The Coolest Winter Sports to Bet on

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Sports played on snow or ice are termed winter sports. Unlike summer sports, winter sports have a shorter season running from November to February. Some events, such as the Winter Olympics, are scheduled every four years. Olympic winter games present the most exciting online sports betting opportunities. Still, several annual and biannual winter sports are available for wagering.

The Coolest Winter Sports to Bet on

Traditionally, these games are conducted in naturally cold areas, but artificial ice now allows them to be played in varied places and for extended periods. Most of them are variations of skiing, sledding, ice hockey, and skating. They can be competitive or non-competitive, and it’s crucial to learn how each works before choosing one from the best sportsbooks. Here’s a look at the various disciplines of winter sports in bookmakers online.

Ice Hockey Betting

The Summer Olympics of 1920 marked the Olympic debut of ice hockey. In 1924, the sport became part of the Winter Olympic program. With 12 male and 10 female teams taking part in Beijing 2022, the sport continues to be a staple of the winter sports calendar. A gold medal is usually awarded to the US, Canada, Finland, Russia, or Sweden. The most wagered on ice hockey markets at bookmakers entail match-winner, outright winner, overtime, and over/under/.

Ski Jumping

Winter sports aren’t complete without the iconic ski jumping events. The competition involves competitors flying down an incline before they are launched down another ski ramp where they attempt to cover the longest distance possible. At present, the world record stands at 246m.

Ski jumping starts with 50 athletes who must complete two rounds. The final round is reserved for only 30 contestants. In the last two rounds, the winner is selected based on the highest cumulative score. Most sportsbooks offer ski jump sports betting online, so gamblers won’t have any problem finding it.

Alpine Skiing

It is one of the more popular options for online winter sports betting. It entails sliding down snowy slopes at high speed with fixed-heel ski bindings while avoiding obstacles through the winding paths. The winter sporting season features several alpine skiing options such as downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super giant slalom skiing. Common bets include top three finish, head to heads, and the outright winner. Those who wish to bet on this game will find these disciplines in sportsbooks featured on this site.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing, also called XC, started in 1977. More than 41,000 athletes compete every year. With a myriad of individual and team disciplines, it is an ideal choice for experienced gamblers. The competitors have to push themselves forward through strides or with ski poles. Norway has dominated lately after scooping the highest medals in the last three cross-country skiing events. Among the top five athletes of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, many came from Norway. It is no surprise the Winter Olympic betting odds seem to favor Norwegian punters.

Many fans wager on the team sprint classic, relay, men’s 15km classic, women’s 10km classic, and the freestyle. Like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing offers bets such as winning margins, ante-post winner, head to heads, and top three finishers.


The biathlon combines rifle shooting and cross-country skiing, making it more fun to watch and bet. Biathlon odds have more significant margins than those of other winter sports. The winter sports season presents incredibly high odds in particular betting markets.

Figure Skating

Figure skating is all about thrilling actions such as turning, jumping, stepping, and spinning on ice-covered surfaces. Most of the betting options become available in winter. Figure skating is especially popular in Russia, Canada, the US, and the Scandinavia region. Fans who want to bet on this winter sport can predict the total point bets, skaters who will reach the podium, and the outright winner.

Speed Skating

There are 14 events of speed skating featured in the Winter Olympics. They involve one round except the 500m races that take two rounds. The overall winner is determined by their time and speed records. The Netherlands is currently the best at speed skating, having won 121 medals, 42 of which are gold. Online sportsbooks provide odds for outright winners for both male and female teams.

Finding the Best Winter Sports Bookmaker Online

Anyone who wants to bet on winter sports should take advantage of online sports betting sites. It is easy to get caught up in the winter sports thrills, with multiple bookmakers showcasing lucrative payouts and enticing odds. From the Winter Olympics, World Winter Games, European Winter Games to Winter Universiade, it is not easy to pick a betting market. Because of the rampant cases of online scams, it is crucial to choose winter sports betting sites with tight security measures.

Licensing has proven to be the most assuring feature of an online sportsbook. Gambling at unlicensed sites is the easiest way to fall victim to internet fraud. Bonuses and promotions add to the fun. Punters should never forget that their luck also depends on the terms and conditions attached to their preferred platforms. Before betting on any game, it is worth checking the fine print.

The secret to scoring a significant prize is identifying a bookie with above-average odds. Choosing a broad spectrum of betting markets goes a long way. A good winter sportsbook has many variations of every sport and considerable payout rates.

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