October 8, 2021

SBC summit of CEI in Ukraine - The Next World Center of Gambling Technology

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Next months SBC Summit of the CIS, offered by Parimatch, was established to show the potential of Ukraine to the next major international center of commitment technology and gambling.

SBC summit of CEI in Ukraine - The Next World Center of Gambling Technology

Ukraine is one of the central themes of the series conferences and commerce, which will see deputies of operators, suppliers, associates, investors and regulators meet at the Parkovy Kiev International Convention Center on October 13.

An Overview of Ukraine’s iGaming sector

The government of Ukraine’s decision to legalize gambling has opened a new, potentially enormous market for the main operators, but this nation of more than 40 million people has also recommended the matches of technology providers.

In the past, lower labor costs of high-tech companies in Ukraine has been the rage, but it is no longer the main reason why international companies choose to establish R & D and support there.

The country has a highly trained population and its universities have an intake of 16,000 new graduates in every year. It is already the largest labor force of IT qualified in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Ukraine has not only the qualified staff needed to support the growth of technology companies and the development of technological products, but the market is also prepared to attract investment and recognize the potential for economic and labor creation offered by the committed industry.

SBC Summit CIS is the ideal environment to learn more about opportunities for international operators, technology providers, games and investor studies in Ukraine. Anton Kuchukhidze, president of one of the strategic partners of the event, declares that the country is already well on track to become a center of excellence for the sector.

Some Words from Anton Kuchukhidze

He said: "Ukraine will now publicly claim its ambitions to become an IT center for the gambling industry. When the gambling market 'closed' in Ukraine, there were many different tech-companies that chose to work for western companies. Great. They have made software, multiple IT platforms and different online solutions. Therefore, Ukraine has been long known in the world of gambling.

Now, after legalization came through, CEOs and representatives of the same companies started talking about their work. About 10 to 15 of the world's largest game marks have already had offices that created their products, and helped its operations around the world to enjoy. "So, nothing changes anything. 

Ukraine begins to take it to the public domain. In addition, these foreign companies are connected nationally, internally and lawfully, Now they openly speak of their IT teams. Therefore, Ukraine already has a fairly strong position, to offer itself as a center to create technical solutions for gambling. "

The agenda of the SBC summit GOS conference offers sessions that include the problems directly related to the operations based on Ukraine and Eastern Europe, including “providing opportunity for betting and iGaming in Ukraine", "An investment in the future, recruitment and retention", and "The rise of CIS as a global iGaming technology center”

What does the future have in store?

Delegates can also expect the content of sports sponsorship, changes in wildlife tax laws in Ukraine, opportunities created by regulatory changes in the CIS and Eastern Europe, the growth of eSport-betting and campaign strategies of successful localized marketing.

Next to the conference is an exhibition that you will see 20 leading suppliers showing the latest innovations and a “Night Networking" -event in elegant Kiev locations.

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