December 29, 2021

New Technologies Shaping the World of Online Betting

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It is no secret that online gambling has become a global phenomenon, and with the rise of new technologies, online betting keeps getting better. Over the last few years, sportsbooks have been offering better software, improved security measures, and compulsive betting options, thanks to the advent of new technologies. Here's a look at six exciting innovations that are shaping the world of online betting.

New Technologies Shaping the World of Online Betting

Bitcoin In online betting, Bitcoin is the new black. In recent years this cryptocurrency has gained much ground in online sportsbooks, especially those operating on an international level where traditional banking methods are not always available to players from certain regions.

All one needs to use bitcoins at online gambling sites is a bitcoin wallet address, which can easily be obtained online. This makes it a universal payment method for online betting, as there is no need for players to carry cash or cards when betting online.


Chatbots are online programs designed to simulate human conversation. They can answer questions, provide customer support and even serve as online assistants for online bettors. They may not replace live betting agents completely, but they certainly help reduce pressure on these employees by taking care of simple queries that do not require human intervention – freeing up their time for more complicated issues.

Social Betting

Social online betting is becoming increasingly popular with online sportsbooks offering dedicated social networking accounts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where players can share their bets, discuss strategies and even post photos of winning tickets to keep track of one another's performance in the online gambling world.

Virtual Reality

The online sportsbook of the future is mobile-friendly and virtual reality (VR)-ready with VR headsets offering players a chance to get even closer to their favorite games. Virtual reality has already made inroads in online casinos, and now it is just a matter of time before it becomes more prevalent in online sportsbooks as well.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR)is a data overlay system that allows online bettors to switch between online and offline betting depending on their convenience. That means they will not have to choose between online sportsbooks with AR technology or those without it as both kinds of online shops are available.

What makes online betting with augmented reality so promising is that it can give online bettors a better understanding of the game they are watching, instantly bringing together information on player habits and performance for online sportsbooks.

Mobile Betting

The online gambling industry has been going from strength to strength in recent years, and a significant factor behind this growth is the number of online bettors who now wager on their mobile phones or tablets.

There are online sportsbooks that accept only deposits via smartphones, betting apps for Android devices as well as those compatible with iOS. This makes it easier than ever for bettors to get in on the action while they are on the go.

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