Eurovision Betting Online 2024

The Eurovision Song Contest was first held in 1956. Since then, it has become a global phenomenon watched by millions each year. Nowadays, numerous mainstream bookmakers allow users to place wagers on this event.

It is common for punters to try to predict the winning song and country. This is harder than it may appear. The contest is well known for having surprising outcomes. A favorite act may end up doing poorly. Meanwhile, an underdog could end up taking the number one spot. This can make betting online fairly difficult.

Eurovision Betting Online 2024
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What is Eurovision 2024 Betting

What is Eurovision 2024 Betting

The Eurovision Song Contest's 67th edition goes to Liverpool, United Kingdom, in 2023. Once again, the contest is an area of interest for bettors in Europe and beyond. The 2022 edition was won by Ukraine, who will again be strong contenders as the outright winner in the United Kingdom this year.

Contest Winner Predictions

Many people are giving differing opinions on who could take the upcoming edition of Eurovision in the United Kingdom. Predictions are based on taste in music, country of origin, song performance, and much more.

While it is essential to listen to all projections, always remember that not all of them are suitable for betting. Bettors should look at deeper factors that the entertainment world is unlikely to admit.

When predicting winners with the aim of placing a bet, a punter should consider:

  • Political environment: organizers try to separate the contest from politics, but bettors know that politics shape the world. If a country has been receiving negative press, then the chances of winning the contest are low. Did somebody say Israel?
  • Previous records: any bettor knows the importance of previous performances in making a prediction for the future.

Other guiding factors include a country's population, its general performance on the music scene, and its media's continental influence.

What is Eurovision 2024 Betting
How to Bet on the Best Eurovision Song Contest Betting

How to Bet on the Best Eurovision Song Contest Betting

Due to the surprising nature of the contest, it is important for the gambler to do as much research as possible before placing that first bet on the outright winner. The first thing to do is listen to all the songs.

This will be a good indicator of which tracks are popular. However, musical taste is subjective. The staging of the song is arguably more significant. Watching footage of rehearsals and past live performances is very useful.

Whilst Eurovision strives to be a non-political show world events can affect the rankings of countries. If a nation is getting negative press just before the contest it can cause the public to vote against them.

In recent years winning tunes have gotten significant radio air time prior to Eurovision. It is therefore a good idea to check what songs are doing well in the worldwide charts.

How to Bet on the Best Eurovision Song Contest Betting
Best Eurovision Betting Odds

Best Eurovision Betting Odds

The odds for different countries for Eurovision Song Contest betting online can vary greatly. Bookies Eurovision have become adept at making fairly reliable predictions of the artists that will finish in the top five. However, the number one winner is less easy to accurately determine. They tend to have strong odds from the outset.

The majority of bookmakers wait until every country has released their song before giving odds. Each year there are two Eurovision semi-finals before the final contest. The artist's performance and their reception from the crowd can significantly impact their odds going forward. It is interesting to note that returning artists often attain favorable odds because of the increased hype.

Best Eurovision Betting Odds
Eurovision Grand Final Winners Who Won Eurovision Since 2010

Eurovision Grand Final Winners Who Won Eurovision Since 2010

No, we're not going all the way back to Celine Dion or just talk about the five countries that have been dominating the competition, as for example the United Kingdom that has been long gone from the public vote.

When analyzing winners since the very start of Eurovision Ireland comes out on top with 7 victories. They are followed by Sweden with 6. The United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have won 5 times each. However, the key to Eurovision betting is understanding the current tastes of the voting public.

Despite having a good track record, the United Kingdom is renowned for doing poorly in the contest in recent years. It is therefore useful to only base wager odds on recent winners. Here are the songs and countries that got to the number one spot since the year 2010:

  • 2022 - Kalush Orchestra with "Stefania" (Ukraine)
  • 2021 - Maneskin with "Zitti e buoni" (Italy)
  • 2020 - There was no event hosted due to the pandemic
  • 2019 - Duncan Laurence with "Arcade" (Netherlands)
  • 2018 - Netta with "Toy" (Israel)
  • 2017 - Salvador Sobral with "Amar pelos dois" (Portugal)
  • 2016 - Jamala with "1944" (Ukraine)
  • 2015 - Mis Zelmerlöw with "Heroes" (Sweden)
  • 2014 - Conchita Wurst with "Rise Like a Phoenix" (Austria)
  • 2013 - Emmelie de Forest with "Only Teardrops" (Denmark)
  • 2012 - Loren with "Euphoria" (Sweden)
  • 2011 - Nikki and Ell with "Running Scared" (Azerbaijan)
  • 2010 - Lena with "Satellite" (Germany)

In addition, betting on the Eurovision Song Contest provides excitement and diversity.

It's fairly common to place bets on the Eurovision Song Contest winner. There are, however, a number of other bet kinds, ensuring that there is always diversity and variation.

It should be noted that the 2020 competition was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Eurovision Grand Final Winners Who Won Eurovision Since 2010
Winner Prediction in the Eurovision Song Contest

Winner Prediction in the Eurovision Song Contest

The outright winner is one of the most frequently used markets for Eurovision Song Contest betting predictions. You may get a list of all the competitors at the Eurovision betting sites.

Normally, you may submit your suggestions before the formal singing contest. Remember that the qualifiers will swiftly eliminate all of the competitors. Then, you may make wagers on this market at favorable Eurovision betting odds.

The Eurovision betting site will swiftly assess your wagers when the result of the telephone poll conducted throughout Europe has been decided. Of course, Eurovision bookies provide single bets on the outright winner.

Winner Prediction in the Eurovision Song Contest
Betting on the Semi-Finals at the Eurovision Betting Sites

Betting on the Semi-Finals at the Eurovision Betting Sites

There will be two semi-finals prior to the main Eurovision Song Contest final. If you are not one of the Big 5 or have never won, you must compete in the semi-finals.

Additionally, Eurovision odds are often provided for your picks in these fiercely competitive qualifying rounds by betting companies that offer to bet on Eurovision. Only the top 10 semifinalists will make it through to the championship round.

You may make many single bets on various players on this betting market. The favorable Eurovision odds in this situation provide you a chance to profit, even if just one of your forecasts comes true.

Betting on the Semi-Finals at the Eurovision Betting Sites
Betting Against One Another on the Eurovision Song Contest

Betting Against One Another on the Eurovision Song Contest

Betting on the Eurovision Song Contest is fun, rewarding, and offers a wide range of opportunities. There are a ton of other options outside merely choosing the Eurovision Song Contest outright winner. Head-to-head betting is another well-liked Eurovision Song Contest wagering option.

Which of the two competing countries will do better in the Eurovision Song Contest is the focus in these Eurovision betting markets. Here are a few constellations that might be quite lucrative and intriguing to you.

Our experience indicates that two nations face off in direct competition and often have similar percentage odds of winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

Betting Against One Another on the Eurovision Song Contest
Why Some of the Best Bookmakers Don't Offer Eurovision Betting Opportunities

Why Some of the Best Bookmakers Don't Offer Eurovision Betting Opportunities

As you can see in this Eurovision betting guide, there are a number of exciting Eurovision bookies that provide a fantastic portfolio for the latest Eurovision odds, in play betting, free bet stakes, system bets, and extra winnings.

But if you like social betting and are a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, you may be confused about why certain bookies don't provide predictions for the competition.

This can occur because some bookies aren't interested in what the European Broadcasting Union has to offer. However, the Eurovision bookmakers aren't short, which is why there's even a special casino bonus waiting for you in our list to grab some free bets or bet credits.

Why Some of the Best Bookmakers Don't Offer Eurovision Betting Opportunities
The Best Eurovision Betting Advice

The Best Eurovision Betting Advice

One of the most watched musical events in Europe is the Eurovision Song Contest. So many countries send delegations to the event each year.

You may fully use the Eurovision Song Contest if you like placing real money wagers online. We'll now provide you some crucial advice and strategies to support you with our best Eurovision betting tips.

Although there isn't a set formula for success, this advice has historically shown to be quite effective.

Favourites as the Best Qualifying Bet Settlement:

If you want to place a wager on who will win the Eurovision Song Contest, concentrate on the favorites.

Previous years have sufficiently shown that the favorites of the bookies often finished first, with one challenger ultimately taking home the Eurovision Song Contest. There were no significant outliers in terms of the betting odds.

As a result, you should thoroughly compare the favorites before choosing a top Eurovision candidate. For your betting slip, big shocks with a candidate who nearly no one else is following are quite uncommon and absolutely uninteresting.

High Eurovision Odds on Outsiders:

During the Eurovision Song Contest, outsiders could still be interesting. You may wager on a top-tier performance, but we wouldn't suggest doing so on a win.

For instance, some bookies who provide Eurovision Song Contest betting let customers to wager on a top-10 finish. Therefore, it is important to go through each applicant's resume before choosing a stranger you believe has a great likelihood of being placed in an outstanding position.

Pay Attention to Pop Song Submissions:

The competitors for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will present a variety of musical talents. The two main styles are classic ballads and fast, rhythmic pop music.

Our experience has shown that catchy choruses in rhythmic pop music often appeal to the audience's interests. On the other hand, traditional and depressing songs are unwelcome. Therefore, if you place qualifying bets on such a piece of music, you should surely choose the Eurovision Song Contest.

Fortunately, you may preview your favourite song in advance. After listening to them for the first time, make notes and mark the field. You'll soon see that doing this leads to a smaller number of potential favorites and, eventually, a smaller number of catchy tunes.

The Best Eurovision Betting Advice
Safety & Security - Responsible Gambling

Safety & Security - Responsible Gambling

When making a qualifying bet on betting sites, make sure to always bet responsibly and as safe as possible. Make sure that you keep an eye on the minimum odds, the bet settlement, and all the safety measures available for UK customers.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to get the needed help from GamCare or BeGambleAware to enjoy this year's Eurovision Song Contest!

Safety & Security - Responsible Gambling
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Where can I bet on Eurovision Song Contest?

A consumer may be lured by an enticing selection of entertainment betting options from certain online bookies. These suppliers also provide Eurovision Song Contest wagers. You can choose the bookmaker that provides the most betting markets and the greatest betting odds by comparing the various sports betting providers.

Do all online bookmakers provide live Eurovision betting as part of their selections?

The Eurovision Song Contest is not a market that every bookmaker puts bets on, especially in the live or in play betting section. Therefore, if you're looking on betting on the semi-final or the gran final, no matter if its San Marino or United Kingdom, you can choose the Betfair exchange or William Hill to get your first bet placed after your qualifying deposit.

What are the best odds to bet on Eurovision in relation to other entertainment bets?

The chances of winning the Eurovision Song Contest have always been quite good. Because of this, using a betting site that accepts for you to bet on Eurovision allows you to avoid paying betting taxes, which increases the value of your prospective gains.

Are there any particular benefits to wagering on the Eurovision Song Contest?

There isn't a special betting bonus available for the Eurovision Song Contest, which is unfortunate. However, many online bookmakers who allow Eurovision wagers provide you the option to place your wagers using the regular new customer welcome bonus or the free bets.

What aspects of putting Eurovision bets should we pay particular attention to?

Focus on the favorites if you want to place a wager on the Eurovision winner. An Eurovision bookmaker's betting odds are simple to comprehend. Experience has shown that a candidate would ultimately prevail, just as most online bookmakers had anticipated.

Can I win free bets for the semi-final or the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Free bets are a major part of the bet settlement, no matter if we're talking about the grand final or the semi-final at Eurovision. Many punters and especially UK customers tend to be on the lookout to grab some free bets for their bet credits stake. However, before you place a qualifying bet, make sure to read everything about the minimum odds, when the free bets expire, the time limits, possible promo code, and the payment method exclusions apply.